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As an oncology/hematology clinic, we provide the following services:

In order to provide the most efficient service for your cancer, we have set up the clinic in the following manner:

We believe that easy access to our service is the very essential component of your experience with our clinic. Dr. Liao’s office is right next to the front desk allowing patients and family members who walk by his office to talk to him whenever he is available. During the clinic hours, we have six phone lines open for your calls (253-770-1700) so that you should never experience busy phone signals. All the phone calls are picked up by a live person within a few rings, either by the front desk receptionists or back office staff members. There is no such set up as “push 1 for this, push 2 for that,” and we do not have a voicemail or lunch break. After hours (phone number 253-770-1716), patients have access to Dr Liao’s personal cell phone for any care related issues.He will serve as the contact person for your care, and connect you with other knowledgeable doctors, if needed. In addition, the clinic is open every day, including Saturday, Sunday and holidays (from 10:00am to 12:00 pm) with a RN and a nurse practitioner.
Our clinic appointments are dictated by medical need, patient’s desire and your referring doctors’ preference. New patients are seen within 2 business days on routine basis, or whenever the referring doctor or patient desires. When you call for new patient visit, we will give you an appointment time with the first phone call. In fact, some of our new patients have been seen in our clinic just a few minutes after leaving their referring doctors’ office, or even after business hours.
This is a small office with 2 doctors, 1 nurse practitioner, 3 registered nurses, 3 medical assistants, 2 receptionists, 1 billing specialist and 1 pharmacy technician. Our major criteria for recruiting staff members is their enthusiasm in the care of oncology patients, and being truly comfortable with each other in communication. Therefore, it is easy to form a common goal: to keep everyone on the same page to deliver the best care to our patients. The small size also allows patients to know each staff member well to feel cozy and personable in the new environment. We would like to make every patient feel that the whole office is working for you as one person with as little transition lapses as possible among the staff members.
All forms and letters for things such as disability, insurance, social security, time off, court appearances, verification of disease status, etc, will be mostly finished on the same day of request or no later than next morning. All prescription refills will be done within 24 hours from the time of request.
Our whole clinic focuses the cancer fighting on winning, even though we realize not every battle can be won. Every staff member tries to transmit an upbeat aura. Jokes and laughs are heard constantly in the clinic on topics ranging from house chores, weather, traffic, food, to social political issues, music, history, etc. We treat our patients as partners in fighting the cancer, not as passive receivers of the care. Dr. Liao and the staff always have time to carefully and seriously listen to you. We may not have the answers at that time, but will either find it out or guide you to the right person. We welcome all comments and suggestions to help keep our office running smoothly. Dr. Liao gives “recommendations,” “advice,” and “suggestions” the patients make “decisions.” He encourages patients to know more about their diseases, and to decide what to do, when to stop and when to proceed. We will work around your decisions, not over your decisions. We hope patients will form a close bond with Dr. Liao and the staff members over time, and become effective partners in fighting their cancers.
Dr. Liao has an extensive basic science background in addition to clinical oncology, including a PhD degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, postdoctoral fellow training in stem cell biology at Stanford University, and a faculty of immunotherapy at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center at Houston. His intense scientific curiosity has prompted him to constantly learn new developments in the oncology field. Dr. Liao has given 100 plus lectures nationwide on how to treat cancers, and also attends lectures given by other prominent oncologists on a regular basis. His up to date knowledge, willingness to figure out how to overcome the challenges facing each individual patient, and his close working relationship with other medical professionals, such as surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists has allowed him to achieve success with patients whom the other oncologists had given up hope.
We realize that not every patient is able to afford the care they wish. Therefore we have set up a foundation for the care of our patients in need. Some patients, and Partner Oncology, make donations to the foundation; which in turn supports patients in need. The expenses for your cancer care can be covered to certain degree; they include co-pays to doctors’ office visits, co-pays for prescription medicines, gas cost to drive to the clinic, etc. Feel free to browse our Patient Experience tab to learn more about our patients, and their experience here at our clinic. For any questions, or to make a donation, please contact the office manager.
We have created a support group on Facebook for patients and their loved ones to connect with one another. If you’re interested in joining the group, please follow this link and request to be added:
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